Create Valuewithout waste

Our mission is to create high quality, efficient and maintenance friendly software with the best possible UX for the webplattform.

Our aim is to develop solutions that perfectly fit our clients' requirements through consulting at eye level. The Lean Software Development Method is the foundation for all we do.

Whatwe do

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Futureproof, maintenance friendly architecture and system design

Do the right work, at the right time, with the right paradigma. Creating performant, cost-effective, reliable and scalable software with great usability is hard, and there is no silver bullet or one-size-fits-all solution. The variety of our toolbox is wide, which allows us to find the optimal solution to your challenges.

SOLID, 12factor, TDD, CQRS, Rx

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State of the art development techniques

From content centered marketing and ecommerce sites to enterprise grade business applications with microservice architecture in both frontend and backend, we've got you covered. Nevertheless our clear focus lies on business applications for the webplatform.

JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Vue, Angular, Redux, RxJS, OAuth, Node.js, Graphql, Next.js, NestJS, Strapi, SSG

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User centered design

Software is worthless if users fail to utilize it, which makes it clear why we are pedantic about UI/UX. We think it is essential that designers understand their medium, that's why being one at LC means you have to be fluent in HTML/CSS/JS as well as in Sketch, Figma and the Adobe Creative Suite. Our UIs are responsive and accessible.

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Devops or simply cloud love

Not only do we have the know-how to create custom software solutions, but how to continiously deploy and run them in the area of cloudcomputing. A topic relevant only for excellent software, is the question: Will it scale?

Serverless, Kubernetes (K8s), Docker, AWS, AZURE, Google Cloud, Circle CI, Lambda, Knative, Healthchecks, Blue-Green Deployment, CDN

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Consulting for Blockchain solutions

We are big fans of distributed systems with the ability to create trust in non-trustworthy environments, like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Our broad skills in this area allow us to evaluate the feasibility for your assets to be persisted in the immutbale, free of censorship, always available #blockchain.

Howwe roll

We are a communicative crowd of experts with a wide knowledge in different programming languages and frameworks, with a clear focus on business applications for the webplatform. Our tools of choice are: Angular, Stencil, Typescript, NodeJS, NestJS, CircleCI, K8s

We strongly believe in agile principles for managing projects and working together as a team to create great products.

We keep our git history clean, our testcoverage high, our buildstatus green and try everything to meet our sprintgoals.

We are open towards innovation and love to learn and laugh together, to share our knowledge with and playing an active role in the web developer community of Vienna.

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Address:Hainburger Straße 33, 1030 Vienna